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  • Fri 7:30 AM-Sun 6:00 PM, order online @ suwanee.locallygrown.net Then pick up on Wed from 1:00 PM-6:30 PM at Suwanee Whole Life CO-OP, 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 1104, Suwanee, GA
  • Thur 4:00 PM-8:00 PM at Tucker Farmers Market at St. Andrew's Presbyterion Church, 4882 Lavista Rd. Tucker
  • Sat 8:00 AM-12:00 PM at Oconee Farmers Market, Main St. Watkinsville, in front of the Court House

Wagon Wheel Ranch LLC

2820 Antioch Church Road, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677, United States

(706) 340-3344

7 Days a week by appointment only

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100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef

Certified by A Greener World, antibiotic and hormone free, raised without pesticides or herbicides.

Individual Retail Cuts & Whole Cow Sales

Retail cuts from ground beef to steaks and roasts are dry aged for 15 days, then vacuum packed and frozen.  Whole cows are sold live on the hoof for $2.00/lb. I deliver the animal for processing and aging to your specifications at your cost. This is the least expensive way to purchase grass fed beef!  A whole cow will fit in a 14 cubic ft. chest freezer, and 1/2 cow in a 7 cubic ft. chest freezer. A live weight beef yields about 50% hanging weight, which typically consists of 31% steaks, 31% roasts, 36% ground beef and 2% miscellaneous cuts.  The average live weight cow is finished to 1100-1300 lbs. to insure maximum tenderness, marbling and flavor.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the ranch located?

Wagon Wheel Ranch is a 200 acre family farm operating 14 miles south of Athens, GA since 1970. There, we raise antibiotic free and  added hormone free, all natural, grass fed, grass finished, free range, Black Angus cross bred beef.

  • What does Black Angus cross bred beef mean?

We cross purebred Santa Gertrudis cows (heat tolerant & good mothers) with a purebred Hereford bull (gentle disposition & high yield carcass). Their daughters (healthy, gentle, good mothers) are bred to a pure bred Black Angus bull (tender quality meat cuts). The resulting calves are the ones we sell to you! This cross breeding system makes the cows and calves healthier and disease resistant. Our Black Angus Bull was DNA tested for tenderness, ribeye size and 10 other genetic traits.

  • How are the cows cared for on your ranch?

We love our cows and treat them humanely with respect and kindness.  A sustainable pasture rotation system is used. Our cows have shade and fresh well, spring or creek water available at all times. High quality free choice hay or grass silage is fed during winter or during drought conditions. Grass silage is also fed during finishing.

  • Can we visit the ranch?

Our ranch is family operated with Dr. Fred Liebl doing most of the full-time operations, assisted by his wife Dr. Doris Liebl and son Max who both have off farm occupations.  Ranch operations include checking cows for calving, cutting and bailing hay or silage, feeding cows, and etc. Therefore, customers must make an appointment in advance if they desire to visit, tour, or purchase meat at the ranch by calling Fred at 706-340-3344.

  • What assurance do we have that your beef meets all the qualifications of humanely raised, grass fed, grass finished, antibiotic free and added hormone free, free range and USDA inspection of processing?

Wagon Wheel Ranch is audited and inspected by Animal Welfare Approved of A Greener World, which is one of the top two certifying agencies in the country. We are approved for humane production and harvesting of our beef cattle, including the processing plant we use. To insure product quality, only calves born, raised and finished on our ranch are offered for sale.

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